Which Do You Feel Is Most Affective:Traditional Advertising vs. Content Marketing

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Old vs. New: Traditional Marketing vs. Content Marketing's Effectiveness

Traditional marketing by print has long been the leading marketing source for a company or product. However, a new form of marketing and advertisement is rising quickly with the help of social media and mobile devices. Content marketing either through the usage of online advertisements, SEO marketing, mobile marketing, social media and more is becoming more prevalent in today's society.  Marketo's Marketing Infographic poses a great question on whether or not Content Marketing and Traditional Marketing will become marketing rivals. Due to many recent studies, Content Marketing seems to be on the rise and soon will take Traditional Marketing's spot as the main source of marketing and advertisement. In another Marketing Infographic by Attached Media, the main flaws of traditional advertisements are outlined in comparison to the advantages of content marketing. Some of the main points discussed in this infographic is that traditional methods of marketing is too expensive and interrupts the viewer for a short period of time. However, it explains that content marketing does the opposite by creating value from the brand to the audience and keeps the viewer more engaged. With the rise in mobile devices and computers coupled with lower prices or more efficiency and productivity, it is understandable for content marketing to be more important. Marketers are coming up with new ideas of bringing content and value created by brands and businesses to the consumer. This is a revolutionary way of marketing and can change the way many businesses make money and the way consumers receive their products. The help of someone who knows the "ins and outs" of the marketing, advertising and public relations business would be of more value than a simple infographic. I've linked up with, Chartese Burnette, a public relations and marketing expert who has many years of experience in this industry to discuss which form of marketing is most effective and why.

What is the difference between content marketing and traditional marketing?

How do different marketing teams determine which use of marketing/advertisement to use?

What do clients prefer in terms of ways of marketing?

How does mobile marketing tie into content marketing?

Which form of content marketing is most important? SEO? Social Media?

How to decide which form of marketing/advertisement to use? Demographic? Client's preference?

Will traditional marketing eventually become non-existent?

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